Petriage Announces Partnership with Miller Veterinary Supply March 26, 2020

Petriage Announces Partnership with Miller Veterinary Supply

Petriage, a B2B telehealth provider of state-of-the art services to veterinary practices, announced a partnership with Miller Veterinary Supply, one of the nation’s oldest wholesale veterinary distributor serving thousands of veterinary practices across the country. The independent Fort Worth-based company, celebrating its centennial this year, has four distribution centers and offers more than 30,000 products. 

The partnership strengthens Petriage’s drive to gain a larger share of the pet technology market for veterinarians and household pet parents nationally. Its unique software platform enables veterinarians to treat household pets remotely after-hours and also integrate the pet’s medical data effortlessly into their vet practice management systems.

“We are delighted that Miller Veterinary Supply, the nation’s oldest wholesale distributor of pet supplies to veterinarians and a company celebrated for its exemplary service, credibility and trust, has selected Petriage as the telehealth platform it will offer its clients, ” said Petriage CEO Allon Freiman. “We look forward to partnering with Miller to help expand our footprint with veterinarians nationwide.”   

Petriage will influence Miller Veterinary Supply’s veteran dedicated account representatives to market its telehealth service, which features a proprietary and advanced online pet symptom checker that uses a sophisticated algorithm to identify what may be ailing a dog or cat. This enables veterinarians to expand their business as a “brick-and-click” practice and capture a significant portion of cases occurring after-hours that often result in emergency room visits.

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