June 8, 2020

Pets Having Paws-itive Impact on Canadians’ Mental and Emotional Well-being During Pandemic

Canadian pet parents are turning to their furry friends to help cope with the uncertainty of the pandemic, according to a new study by Global Pet Foods.

The survey, conducted by Angus Reid on behalf of Global Pet Foods, revealed 98 percent of Canadian pet parents feel their pet has provided companionship during COVID-19. In addition, 92 percent of Canadian pet parents say their pets have provided emotional support, helped improve their mental health and helped cope with feelings of isolation during the pandemic.

In normal circumstances, pets provide us with companionship. The Global Pet Foods survey confirms that’s just the beginning of their positive impact on Canadian pet parents, with 91 percent saying their pet has also helped reduce feelings of anxiety and stress – ever-so-important during a time of isolation and uncertainty.

To show pets how much they are appreciated, more than eight in 10 Canadian pet parents spend quality time with their pets, with 69 percent purchasing a special treat or food and 47 percent purchasing a new toy for their pet.

Global Pet Foods wants to take that appreciation even further. We’re going beyond #PetAppreciationDay on June 7 by turning it into a week long online event called Pet Appreciation Week (#PAW) on our social channels, encouraging people to share their stories and appreciation for their pets in the wake of the global pandemic.

“At Global Pet Foods, we believe pets are undeniably part of the family and are always worth appreciating. With the incredible positive impact, they’ve had on Canadian pet parents during COVID-19, we are celebrating Pet Appreciation Week because one day is simply not enough.” Jim Walker, Executive Chairman of Global Pet Foods.

9 in 10 Canadian pet parents consider their pet a companion or family member – turns out for many, their pet may be an absolutely essential part of the family.

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