PetSafe Introduces New Drinkwell Butterfly Fountain December 9, 2019

PetSafe Introduces New Drinkwell Butterfly Fountain

The PetSafe brand has announced the launch of the Drinkwell Butterfly Pet Fountain which was designed with both pet and owner preferences in mind.

The fountain includes multiple free-falling water streams designed to entice pets to drink water more frequently with the added bonus of drinking from a fresh, running source. As for pet owners, the fountain provides a quiet operation to keep pet parents happy. The raised drinking platform prevents water from draining even when it is powered off, ensuring a constant supply of water. Additionally, the shape of the drinking platform helps cats avoid whisker contact, which is something cats tend be sensitive to with other types of fountains. While whisker-friendly for cats, the PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Pet Fountain is also designed for small dogs.

“The PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Pet Fountain is an exciting addition to our product portfolio because of its unique blend of a playful, lighthearted design that’s also extremely functional,” says Sarah Beene, PetSafe water and feed solutions category manager. “We relied on customer insights to deliver a product that not only meets their desires for whimsical design and quiet operation, but also addresses key needs to support pet hydration and overall health.”

The PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Fountain, which offers a 50-ounce water capacity, is equipped with a replaceable carbon filter that removes bad tastes and odors while a replaceable foam filter catches debris before it can reach the pump. Additionally, the fountain features an easy-to-clean, compact design that is manufactured from safe, BPA-free plastic.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Fountain is now available at and many US pet retailers.

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