May 3, 2024

PetSafe Introduces World’s Safest GPS Dog Fence and Tracker

PetSafe has launched the first-ever portable GPS dog fence and tracking collar featuring the brand’s patented AccuGuard technology – described as the most accurate GPS fence technology available anywhere. For the first time, dog lovers have the option to bring this lifesaving technology along with them outside their own yard, while monitoring their dogs’ real-time location in the My PetSafe mobile app.

The culmination of more than 25 years of pioneering innovation, Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence is the latest and most versatile addition to the PetSafe Guardian GPS family of pet fence products. The brand now offers a GPS fence option that will keep dogs safe at home and on the go, so homebodies and travelers alike can keep their dogs safe with the freedom to create and store up to 20 custom GPS boundaries anywhere. In addition, the new Guardian GPS + Tracking offers the ability to track a dog’s movement wherever they are, from the backyard to the beach, the park and beyond.

Unlike competitors, Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence is powered by AccuGuard technology. This lifesaving, AI-driven innovation combines GPS satellite data and motion detection to provide the most accurate GPS fence technology ever, able to predict when your dog is approaching the fence boundary earlier than competitors and far before a pet has potentially breached a boundary. That means industry-best protection in tree cover, the lowest risk of false corrections inside the fence boundary and the lowest risk of a dog running past the boundary. Everything about this technology is designed to allow dogs to enjoy off-leash play safely inside a secure, wireless GPS boundary.

PetSafe Brands CEO Rob Candelino said, “We’re thrilled to make the world safer than ever for dogs everywhere with our latest GPS fence innovation. We saw that existing GPS fences on the market were not providing the lifesaving protection that pet parents expect and that dogs deserve. With 11 million dogs protected and counting, we’ve been in the lifesaving business for more than 25 years. Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence is the latest addition to our famous legacy of safer, happier dogs all across the world.”

Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence is just one of many innovations PetSafe has recently launched. Others include:

  • ScoopFree Premium Natural Cat Litter – For cat parents who want superior odor control in a 100 percent natural litter without added chemicals, scents or dyes
  • Outlast Pumpless Pet Fountain – The first-ever pet fountain that provides a continuous flow of ion-filtered water without a hard-to-clean submerged pump
  • Easy Walk Comfort No-Pull Harness – The legendary harness name that’s helped more than 17 million dogs stop pulling, now more comfortable than ever

Following the company’s recent rebranding, (formerly Radio Systems Corporation), PetSafe Brands has ramped up its mission to provide an ever-growing portfolio of pet technology that meets and exceeds the expectations of today’s tech-savvy pet parents. As Candelino said, “With numerous new connected products being launched this year and many more on the horizon, at PetSafe Brands, we are truly at the forefront of innovation when it comes to unleashing joy for pets and the people who love them.

Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence is available at pet retailers nationwide, on, and for $499 with a monthly subscription of $9.99 or $89 for the year.


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