February 7, 2024

PetSafe Predicts Winner of Big Game with Help of Shelter Pets

PetSafe is getting into the spirit of the Super Bowl by bringing joy to one of the biggest pre-game traditions – trying to predict who will win the game. PetSafe will be partnering with shelters around the country to ask dogs and cats who will win America’s most popular sporting event.

By teaming up with Young Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, TN, the company is looking upon a few pets up for adoption to see who they thought would win the game. To find out who won out and which team did more cats choose, check out the video on the @PetSafe Instagram or TikTok page.

In addition to predicting the winner of the game, PetSafe’s mission is to highlight the many adoptable dogs and cats across the country looking for their forever homes. To do that, the company is asking shelters to join in and film their residents making predictions too.

Tag PetSafe in the video and the company will donate $1,000 of product to that shelter for every field goal kicked during the game.

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