PetSafe Releases Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door January 21, 2020

PetSafe Releases Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door

PetSafe, a leading innovator in pet product solutions, expanded its line of pet doors with the addition of the Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door. Just in time for winter, the door adds extra protection against severe temperatures and provides advanced durability with its aluminum frame and three-flap design.

“At PetSafe, incorporating customer insights into our designs is an integral part of the product development process,” said Tracey Quillin, PetSafe Doors Category Manager. “The PetSafe Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door is no different. We’re building on the value of our original Extreme Weather product to answer customer needs for an option with additional durability around the frame, particularly for those living in more severe weather environments.”

The PetSafe Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door features a three-flap design to further insulate against inclement weather and extreme temperatures while being three times more energy efficient than a standard single-flap door. The slide-in closing panel provides additional weatherproofing while also controlling pets’ access in and out of the home.

In addition to medium and large sizes, the door also comes in extra-large for breeds such as Great Danes, Bullmastiffs and Bernese Mountain Dogs, which is a new offering for the PetSafe Extreme Weather portfolio. The product is designed for easy, do it yourself installation and fits doors 1 ½ to 2 inches thick.

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