PetSmart Charities Celebrates National Adoption Week by Spotlighting Feline Friends July 12, 2022

PetSmart Charities Celebrates National Adoption Week by Spotlighting Feline Friends

PetSmart Charities is ensuring that during National Adoption Week this July 11-17, the spotlight is on the many feline friends that have made their way to shelters during a summer period known as “kitten season.”

While it may sound cute, kitten season is the time following peak breeding activity for cats and many animal rescue organizations are flooded with vulnerable kittens in need of caring homes. In fact, the need this year is especially high. Trap, spay/neuter-and-release programs went on hold during the pandemic, creating a large population of cats that have continued to have kittens in unprecedented numbers. Organizations sometimes take in more than five times their daily average of kittens during this season and space is at a premium.

During National Adoption Week, potential pet parents will have the chance to interact with adoptable pets from animal welfare organizations facilitated by PetSmart Charities at local PetSmart stores. Visitors will have the chance to spend time with animals, including cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and various small pets in a safe and spacious area. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to help potential adopters learn more about the pets they are interested in and ensure they feel confident in caring for them.

“This year, we achieved a milestone of 10 million pet adoptions thanks to our wide network of local animal welfare organization partners and individual donors who generously give funds to our organization as they checkout in PetSmart stores,” said Aimee Gilbreath, president of PetSmart Charities. “We look forward to bringing this momentum into National Adoption Week to pair even more pets in need with loving homes.”

While all rescue pets need loving homes, PetSmart Charities encourages potential adopters to consider adopting a cat or kitten during kitten season and recommend the following tips for determining which feline is right for you:

  • Consider your home environment. A home with children, several roommates or one that tends to be busy may not be the best fit for a shy or quiet cat but a playful cat or kitten may love all the activity.
  • Be mindful of your schedule. For those who leave home to work or tend to travel a fair amount, an adult or senior cat that is more independent may be a better fit than a kitten. Those who are away from home could also consider adopting a bonded pair of cats that can keep each other company and are often overlooked.
  • Think about their personality. When going to meet a potential companion, come with an idea in mind of what personality will fit best within the home. First impressions can provide a strong indicator of how a cat will interact once home, but some cats or kittens may require additional time to feel comfortable enough to show their true colors. Ask the adoption partner questions about the cat’s personality and the behaviors they have seen being with the cat more closely.
  • Be prepared for a slow introduction to other pets. Many cats and kittens get along with other felines, dogs or pets in the house, but new adopters should be prepared to make a slow introduction. Have a dedicated space where the new feline can unwind and acclimate to the new environment while slowly being introduced to other pets.

Those who aren’t quite ready to expand their family can still make a big impact by donating to help pets in need at They also can find their match when the time is right by visiting for adoptable pets, adoption centers and events.

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