PetSmart Introduces Additions to Arcadia Trail Collection March 8, 2023

PetSmart Introduces Additions to Arcadia Trail Collection

PetSmart is empowering pets and pet parents to explore the great outdoors together by expanding its Arcadia Trail collection with adventure approved clothing, gear and toys for dogs. To show more kindness to the planet, new this year are apparel items made from recycled materials, a first for the line. Senior dogs, short-legged pups and those that just need a break will love the new collapsible Pet Wagon, a dog carrier that helps ensure all pups have the confidence and freedom to explore, comfortably.

“Exploring the outdoors is an experience that brings pets and people closer together,” said Kristin Shane, SVP and CMO at PetSmart. “Available only at PetSmart, our Arcadia Trail collection features gear and apparel to get you and your dog outside, so you can make lifelong memories together. And since many of our apparel items are made with 100 percent recycled material, you can explore the planet, while being kind to it, too.”

According to a recent PetSmart survey, more than half of pet parents (61 percent) report it is important they bring their pet along on outdoor adventures and nearly a third share the lack of proper outdoor pet gear is the main deterrent from including their pets on these excursions. To provide pet parents with durable and functional outdoor canine equipment options, Arcadia Trail’s collection of dog toys, clothing and gear are tough enough for all outdoor activities, including camping, hiking and water play.

New Arcadia Trail Products
The latest Arcadia Trail expansion includes products designed to make outdoor exploration easier and more enjoyable for pet parents and their pups and includes:

Exploring the Planet Safely and Sustainably
Arcadia Trail celebrates the freedom to explore with several new items made with 100 percent recycled material that help dogs roam the great outdoors in style while reducing their environmental paw prints. This includes Arcadia Trail Pet BandanasDog T-shirts and Dog Hoodies, as well as Dog Caps which are made of 50 percent recycled material

New Arcadia Trail products are available now in stores and online. For more information on PetSmart’s Arcadia Trail collection, including ways to shop, visit PetSmart.




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