PetSmart Launches New Adventure-Ready Products from Arcadia Trail and Announces In-Store Summer Demo Days for Outdoor Exploration and Fun this Summer May 16, 2022

PetSmart Launches New Adventure-Ready Products from Arcadia Trail and Announces In-Store Summer Demo Days for Outdoor Exploration and Fun this Summer

Adventures are better together and PetSmart, the largest pet specialty retailer, will do anything for pet parents to have a memorable time with their canine companions this summer. With new products from Arcadia Trail and in-store “Summer Demo Days,” PetSmart offers the right gear and expert advice to help pet parents safely get outdoors with their pets.

“Pet parents know their summer plans are more fulfilling when they bring their furry friends along on their travels,” said Kristin Shane, senior vice president and chief merchandising officer for PetSmart. “Whether you’re playing in your backyard or hiking the great outdoors, Arcadia Trail has all the gear and supplies pets, and pet parents need to adventure together this summer.”

New Arcadia Trail Offerings
Arcadia Trail launched in 2020 based on customer insights and trends showing pet parents are looking to include pets in their outdoor adventures. To further illustrate pet parents’ interests in exploring with their furry companions, PetSmart recently conducted a customer survey that found that 66 percent of pet parents believe it’s “very important” to have the right pet gear for travel or outdoor activities.*

Arcadia Trail, one of more than 20 PetSmart proprietary brands, features products that are durable and tough enough for all activities, including camping, hiking and water play. New 2022 Arcadia Trail items include a dog shade tent, an inflatable dog bed, an elevated cot, a sleeping bag, a high visibility life jacketwater-friendly dog toys and more. With the full lineup from Arcadia Trail, PetSmart has anything pet parents need to include their pets more safely in their summer adventures. Explore all summer products, including the Arcadia Trail collection, at

In-Store “Summer Demo Days”
From hitting the trail to lounging by the pool, first-time adventurers and seasoned pros have questions about what gear they need to ensure their dog can be a part of the summer fun. That’s why PetSmart is hosting “Summer Demo Days” with knowledgeable associates on-hand to answer pet parents’ questions and help them find the right products – from harnesses and lifejackets to sunscreen and flea and tick treatment. PetSmart “Summer Demo Days” will be held June 11-12 and 18-19. Appointments are required for the free event. Learn more and schedule a one-on-one meeting with a PetSmart associate by visiting

Outdoor Adventure Tips
Having the proper gear is essential to any outdoor activity. These tips from the experts at PetSmart will ensure pet parents and their furry friends are fully prepared for a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Be respectful of the environment.Keep pets on trails or designated areas and follow leash rules. Bring pet waste bags and always clean up after your pup, carrying out whatever you brought in.
  • Keep your pet leashed.Always make sure your dog is leashed and wearing a well-fitting and durable collar or harness, like the Arcadia Trail Expandable Backpack Dog Harness. Be sure your pet has an ID tag and is microchipped in case that you get separated.
  • Go at your pet’s pace.If your dog isn’t accustomed to outdoor adventures, be mindful of how much energy an activity like swimming or hiking can take from them and keep a close watch for any signs of distress, including panting, shaking, drooling, vomiting or collapsing.
  • Keep your pet hydrated and fueled.The Arcadia Trail 2-in-1 Travel Water Bottle makes giving your dog water breaks easier, and the Arcadia Trail Waste Bag Dispenser and Treat Tote can carry snacks and food to ensure your dog has the fuel and energy to sustain.
  • Pets get sunburned too.Protect your dog from the sun with the Arcadia Trail Outdoor Ultimate Shade with Front Awning Tent and apply pet-safe sunscreen to their nose, ears and other areas where their coat doesn’t cover the skin.
  • Carry a first aid kit. Even a human kit will have most of the supplies you and your pet would likely need for cuts, bruises or abrasions.
  • Keep bugs at bay.Keep pesky fleas and ticks away by ensuring pets are up to date on all medications or are wearing proper prevention collars that can repel these bugs. It’s also important to have your dog on a heartworm preventative year-round, but especially in the summer as this disease is transmitted by mosquitos, which are more active during the hot months.
  • Check on vaccines.Talk with your vet to ensure your dog is up to date on all vaccinations that can protect them when outside, including rabies, distemper and the Lyme vaccination, which is transmitted by ticks.

Visit PetSmart for more information on PetSmart’s Arcadia Trail collection and to schedule a one-on-one visit during PetSmart’s in-store “Summer Demo Days.”

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