November 17, 2017

PetSmart launches Pinnacle Pet Nutrition Shop

On Nov. 16, PetSmart announced it had added Pinnacle Pet Nutrition Shop – a 550 sq. ft. space dedicated to high-protein, organic, natural, grain-free, minimally processed and/or raw pet food – at all its new stores except the The Groomery stand-alone salon stores. This is the retail chain’s bid to focus on the fastest growing category in the pet food market.

Pinnacle Pet Nutrition shops are currently featured in 35 PetSmart stores and retail brands such as Wellness, Only Natural Pet, Instinct – The Raw Brand and Castor and Pollux.

“We know many pet parents want their pets to live a happy, healthy lifestyle that mirrors their own, and that includes enjoying great-tasting, wholesome foods,” said Eran Cohen, chief customer experience officer, PetSmart. “We are thrilled to help pet parents feed their pets the very best by offering this easy-to-find, dedicated store space that features a curated collection of pet food representing the peak of pet nutrition,” Cohen added.


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