PetSmart Searches for First-Ever ‘Chief Toy Testers’ Offering $20,000 to the Pawsitively Purrfect New Team Members January 20, 2023

PetSmart Searches for First-Ever ‘Chief Toy Testers’ Offering $20,000 to the Pawsitively Purrfect New Team Members

As the company that will do Anything for Pets, PetSmart is on the search for one dog and one cat to fulfill the very important role of Chief Toy Tester. The requirements? Vast experience in play, a knack for toy testing and an advanced palate for sampling an array of culinary treats. The chosen feline and canine Chief Toy Testers will be responsible for ensuring pets nationwide are in the know about the best pet products PetSmart has to offer while also earning $10,000 (USD/human) each, totaling $20,000 for the new roles.

“We are recruiting two playful and eager team members to bring into our PetSmart pack as the first-ever Chief Toy Testers,” said Will Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at PetSmart. “The new Chief Toy Tester roles will help us better connect with and serve our four-legged (or less!) cat and dog customers in exciting ways. These c-suite pets will let pet parents know they are getting the best tried-and-true products for their beloved furry family members.”

The Position:

The Chief Toy Testers will participate in numerous PetSmart product unboxings as well as appear at a variety of PetSmart events as a celebrity VIP (Very Important Pet) throughout their one year in the role. As connoisseurs of the latest and greatest pet commodities, the cat and dog Chief Toy Testers will ensure new toys and treats are assessed with the utmost consideration while also managing their pet parents as they post their pet’s official product findings to social media platforms.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Experience:

While playtime can cut into daily napping for some four-legged friends, the chosen canine and feline Chief Toy Testers understand the gravity of providing their fellow furry companions with information on the best new products PetSmart has to offer. Ideal candidates possess:

  • A nose for sniffing out the tastiest treats, paws for toy product play and a perfect tail wag (or wave) when appearing as a VIP at PetSmart events
  • The ability to direct their pet parents to capture the most compelling video footage and content for social media as they analyze their product findings and demonstrate their uses
  • Human pet parents who can commit to a one-year partnership contract on their pet’s behalf

Role Benefits:

  • Toy and treat product deliveries
  • Quarterly salon treatments
  • Celebrity status as a VIP (Very Important Pet) at PetSmart events
  • $10,000 compensation
  • Tail-wagging rights only granted to PetSmart’s first Chief Toy Testers

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