January 31, 2019

PetSmart to make grooming experience improvements

On Jan. 31, 2019 PetSmart announced that it will implement enhancements to its groomer training curriculum based on recommendations of an independent Review Board. PetSmart appointed the board in May 2018 to review all aspects of the company’s pet grooming and training safety standards and provide an unbiased report of the board’s findings, including potential areas of improvement.

PetSmart will begin implementing the Review Board’s recommendations in 2019, including grooming enhancements such as more breed-specific training, behavioral training, and environmental changes to reduce distractions for pets in grooming salons. PetSmart will also implement a more extensive pre-check-in process for all pets.

The Review Board, comprised of eight leading veterinarians, accomplished master groomers, recognized industry experts and pet behaviorists, was formed as part of PetSmart’s comprehensive action plan to enhance the grooming safety and experience for all pets and promote the highest standards across the industry. The Review Board members spent more than 60 hours each analyzing all printed, online and video-based procedures and training materials, conducting multiple in-person visits to PetSmart salons, observing PetSmart’s Salon Pet Stylist Academy to review classroom-style training, and attending the company’s Annual Pet Safety Re-Certification meeting for all Services associates over a three-month period.

“PetSmart will continue to work to provide the best experience for pets and earn the trust of pet parents every day,” said J.K. Symancyk, PetSmart president and CEO. “Through the Review Board study and the enhancement of our procedures, we are raising the bar for our own industry-leading grooming standards and hope it will do the same for the industry overall,” Symancyk said.


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