March 17, 2023

Phillips Adds Green Coast Pet to Portfolio

Phillips Pet Food and Supplies, a leading pet product distributor serving the independent pet channel, will be a national distributor of Green Coast Pet products. 

Green Coast Pet was created to deliver high-quality natural ingredients to pets through treats in a way better than what is currently offered by manufacturers. All Green Coast Pet products used certified organic plants sourced directly from New York. All chews are created through a process called “cold-extrusion.” Cold extrusion allows Green Coast Pet to never expose the ingredients in their products to extreme cooking temperatures, which allows the products to remain in raw format for optimal effectiveness. All Green Coast Pet products are made with the special needs of pets in mind— meaning all chews are incredibly soft! Even pets with brittle and missing teeth can enjoy these treats. 

“We are very excited to announce Green Coast Pet as a national partner to Phillips Pet Food and Supplies,” said Jessica Morris, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Merchandising. “This NASC certified vendor provides delicious treats, supplements and even CBD products for pets. Phillips Pet is proud to partner with a company focused on delivering high quality, natural ingredient items with guaranteed quality.” 

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