December 9, 2021

Pioneer of Pet-Tech Announces Pawzi Gear, Inc.

Pawzi Gear, founded by Pet-Tech pioneer, David P. Clark, recognized that pandemic accelerated pet adoption, the inevitable return to a new normal and the generational shift in pet parenthood presents the perfect storm for a holistic and unfulfilled business opportunity.

Timing is critical in any venture; In his decade of immersion since co-founding Petzila and launching the Petzi Treat-Cam, Mr. Clark recognizes that Pet and more specifically innovation within Pet has remained substantially stagnant and narrowly focused. Pawzi Gear has developed a unique multi-pronged business model that addresses an unrecognized need which benefits pet, pet parents and the pet industry as a whole.

Having re-assembled key senior management, engineering partners and other major contributors to Petzi’s original success, Pawzi Gear benefits from tenured professionals leading to a superior experience and faster time to market. Having created and delivered in the early days of IoT and APP development the team now benefits from todays advanced technology and lower cost components.

“An enormous opportunity exists to transform the pet industry with a holistic approach that allows todays pet parent to stay connected and communicate with their pet while offering critical insights and social presence through our Social Pet-Work for their fur baby,” the company said.

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