June 10, 2020

Piscine Energetics Fish Food Company Launches ‘Save Your Aquarium’ Campaign

Piscine Energetics, a Canadian technology company that transforms an invasive shrimp species (Mysis Shrimp) in British Columbia into sustainable fish food, today announces the launch of its Save Your Aquarium’ Campaign. The campaign is a ‘buy one, give one’ initiative that aims to rally the public, including the 14.5 million households in North America that have an aquarium, to support the zoos and aquariums that have been seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Zoos and aquariums welcome more than 185 million visitors annually. We realized quickly that with an extreme loss of revenue and almost unchanging operating costs, our long-time partners are facing challenging budget cuts and reduced resources while trying to maintain a healthy environment for their animals,” said Nuri Fisher, President of Piscine Energetics. “That’s when the idea for the campaign came to me. Why not make it easy for not only our community’s most avid hobbyists but anyone that has ever experienced the wonder of learning in these institutions, to support in the care of these animals.”

Through the Save Your Aquarium Campaign, people and organizations can buy a bucket of Piscine Energetics sustainably sourced fish food for their home or office aquarium, and Piscine Energetics will give a bucket to their institution of choice. People without access to fish tanks can still participate by purchasing a bucket of fish food which will result in both buckets being directed to the selected institution.

“PE Mysis is a staple food item in our feeding regime for animals large and small because of the nutritional profile, feeding response and sustainability of the resource,” said Zach Ransom, Curator of Animal Husbandry DSO at the Frost Museum of Science in Miami, FL. “We appreciate the assistance provided through the Save Your Aquarium Campaign greatly, and I urge everyone to consider what they can do to support their local public aquarium through this difficult situation.”

“More than 50 million children, along with their families, visit zoos and aquariums each year in North America in addition to more than 12 million students on field trips who get to laugh, learn, see and gain an appreciation for more than 1,000 threatened or endangered species. The Save Your Aquarium campaign will ensure these awe-inspiring institutions are around for the next generations” said Fisher.

The Save Your Aquarium campaign is open to the public and will run indefinitely to ensure the safety of animals in aquariums and zoos across North America. The public can select from a list of 295 zoo and aquarium institutions including Jenkinson’s Aquarium, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Vancouver Aquarium and SEA LIFE San Antonio or to support specific conservation initiatives such as The Association of Zoos and Aquariums Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project or Project Piaba.

Visit www.saveyouraquarium.com to support the campaign.

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