September 23, 2020

Pittsburgh Aviation Crew Rescues Dogs Left Homeless by Hurricane Laura

More than a dozen dogs, left homeless because of Hurricane Laura, boarded a plane and flew to Pittsburgh where they received a second chance and a new life as part of No Dog Left Behind, which flew the 1,500 mile round trip in a Mahindra Airvan in the course of 15 hours.

The dogs were surrendered to a local animal shelter in Louisiana by owners who knew they would no longer be able to care for them – because extensive damage made it impossible for them to return home.

“My heart just breaks for these families. To say goodbye to a pet they love, even if they know it’s the right thing to do, has to hurt so much. It’s nothing short of heroic. I want all of them to know: I give you my word that we will take care of your pups like they’re our own and find them safe homes in Pittsburgh,” said Jonathan Plesset, Co-Founder of No Dog Left Behind. “Our team stands with the people impacted by this devastation,” explained Brad Childs, Co-Founder of No Dog Left Behind.

This was Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team’s (PAART) 49th rescue mission so far this year. If anyone would like to donate to support No Dog Left Behind and its rescue missions, click here.

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