June 15, 2021

Porch Potty Helping with Post-Pandemic Transitions Back to Work and Life

Porch Potty, a company best known for its line of “grass litterboxes for dogs,” understands that no family wants to surrender their dog but some may feel hopeless as they navigate the transition back to work and life.

This Thursday, Porch Potty will launch the latest addition to its lineup, Grass to Go, with hopes that it will help dog owners transition into their post-pandemic lives with their canine companions by their side.

Grass to Go offers greater portability and comes with fresh sod. From there, customers can subscribe to have new sod delivered straight to their door. Small enough to fit in a laundry room, balcony, Grass to Go can even be checked on planes and used in hotels, boats and RV’s.

“People are anxious to get out and experience the world again,” Brandon Kennington, CEO and inventor said. “Avid travelers may feel like they can’t keep dogs because it wouldn’t be fair. Now they can.”

Porch Potty began as a solution for individuals and families living in high-rise apartments with dogs. Dog owners are able to bring grass, real or synthetic, straight to their balconies with the durable and attractive Porch Potty.

Porch Potty is committed to supporting its community every step of the way. Through its customer service channels and blog, there are practical, tested training guides, vacation ideas, as well as community tips for keeping everything clean.

“A lot of people that adopted dogs during the pandemic are first time pet owners,” Kennington said. “One in five, reports are showing. We want them to be successful, and we’re here to offer solutions so that they can keep their dogs.”

Learn more about Grass to Go and the rest of Porch Potty’s products here.




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