April 13, 2022

Premier Pet Supply Increases Home Delivery Ability with OneRail’s Last Mile Fulfillment Solution

Premier Pet Supply, the family-owned, Michigan-grown company that carries both national and local brands, has adopted a scalable solution for offering same-day shipping in OneRail, an Orlando-based logistics technology startup.

OneRail’s shipper-centric solution offers Premier Pet Supply a reliable platform to increase delivery capabilities; namely, providing its customers with the convenience of same-day home delivery, leading to increased overall customer satisfaction.

“Our experience with OneRail has been seamless,” said Premier Pet Supply Owner Mike Palmer. “The implementation was swift — the platform was up and running in 14 days from our initial conversation.”

“We understand how valuable optionality is to a customer, especially when it comes to the convenience same-day delivery provides,” said OneRail Chief Commercial Officer Eric Green. “We are ecstatic to partner with a company like Premier Pet Supply, allowing us to see the direct impact our delivery solution can make.”

Since partnering with OneRail, Premier Pet Supply has experienced rapid growth, with nine current locations and four opening soon. OneRail’s last mile delivery solution supports this rapid expansion. Customers located within a specific radius to a Premier Pet Supply store will have access to same-day delivery options, increasing the need for OneRail to cover delivery volume.

“I feel like I’m quickly getting a piece of my life back,” Palmer said. “In a small business, every moment is precious. It helps to know that during those times when our team is overextended, OneRail’s trusted delivery network can step in to save the day.”

Prior to OneRail, Premier Pet Supply team members were carrying out all deliveries individually, often having to drop operational tasks to deliver on time. Lack of scalability is a key challenge in executing on customer’s delivery expectations, and OneRail provides the needed capacity when a Premier Pet Supply team member is unavailable.

“We were so excited to see the impact of the OneRail solution on the Premier Pet team,” said OneRail Co-Founder and EVP of Customer Success Lisa Catania. “Before OneRail, the store owners were doing the deliveries themselves and couldn’t guarantee same-day delivery. Now they have expedited delivery, an extended delivery area and will open their 4 new stores this year with delivery capability.”


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