February 26, 2016

Product Spotlight: Angels’ Eyes

Angels’ Eyes’ signature product is their line of tear stain removers for dogs and cats, but the company produces other products such as scented animal shampoos. Pet Insight had the chance to get comments from Lynda Winkowski, president of Angels’ Eyes, about her company’s products.


Can you describe the Angels Eyes products in a nutshell?

Angels’ Eyes is the first product developed specifically for both dogs and cats to eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out! Angels’ Eyes is 100% grain & dye free and is safe for both shedding and non-shedding dogs and cats.  We have also added a unique line of Angels’ Eyes shampoos and soft chews.


What new types of items, if any, will you begin producing this year?

We are extremely excited and are looking forward to the launch our new Angels’ Eyes original and Angels’ Eyes Natural chews this year at SuperZoo.


What types of retailers do you prefer working with?

We are happy to work with all retailers.

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