February 26, 2016

Product Spotlight: Buckley Dog Treats

Buckley’s Todd Rowan spoke with Pet Insight about Buckley’s lines of salmon and chicken jerkey treats for dogs.


What is it: Buckley jerky treats for dogs are 100% USA sourced and made.  They use USDA human grade proteins.  Our jerky only has two ingredients and is basically whole muscle meat.  Flavor is derived from the protein, not yucky stuff like salt, sugar or preservatives.


Benefits to Consumers/Retailers: Consumers get a very high quality, U.S. sourced treat that is actually natural and healthy.  And they get this at an incredibly low price.  Retailers get the safety and security not provided by Chinese sourced treats, and they can present a real value to their shoppers.


Sourced From: Proteins are sourced and processed domestically and all our production is done in the contiguous 48 states.  Even our bags are made domestically.


Distribution Channels: Buckley treats are available for grocery, drug, mass, and club retailers.  We have new customers around the country accepting the product every week.


Product Challenges: Our initial challenge is to get category merchants to believe we can deliver such a high quality, non-extruded product for such a reasonable price.  


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