September 28, 2016

Protein for Pets renamed to The Naked Dog

Protein for Pets recently re-named their pet specialty company to The Naked Dog this past week. While the company has experienced recent brand changes, with 14 locations across Southern California, The Naked Dog will remain committed to providing customers and their pets with natural foods, treats, toys and grooming items to enhance pets’ health and well-being.

The new name speaks more to who we are as a company with all super premium foods with no wheat, no corn, no soy and no animal byproducts that we offer, said Marco Giannini of The Naked Dog. “We like to speak more to what we are not versus what we are,” Giannini said. “If you’re naked you strip down to just the bare essentials.”

We have a slogan that is, ‘awesomely bare, naturally fun,’ Giannini added. “Not only talks to our products being awesomely bare, but as a company we like to be naturally fun as well,” he said. “The Naked Dog allows us as a company to be a company that stands for something that’s stripped down to the basics. Dogs are naked. When everything is stripped down to the wild, it’s better for you.”

It’s all about providing customer service, products, passion and community that are stripped down to what is really necessary for the pet, Giannini said. “If you’re naked, you’re free of all fillers and you’re stripped down to what you truly are,” he said. “Also, if you’ve got a name that puts a smile on a person’s face, I think it’s a little more memorable.”

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