July 28, 2023

PSA: Petco Locations Nationwide Double as ‘Cooling Centers’ to Help Pets Beat the Heat this Summer

As temperatures soar across the country, Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. welcomes leashed pets of all breeds, shapes and sizes into pet care centers nationwide, where they and their families can seek refuge from the extreme heat. They can also stay hydrated with access to fresh, clean and safe water at Petco locations during regular business hours.

“Communities everywhere are feeling the effects of the heat wave, and this includes our beloved pets,” said Petco Chief Veterinarian Dr. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM. “It’s critical that pet parents know how to recognize any signs that their furry family members may be experiencing dehydration or heat exhaustion and how to help them stay cool and hydrated. I’m proud that Petco pet care centers are opening their doors to offer pets and their families a safe haven where they can retreat, rehydrate and pick up cooling solutions while out and about this summer.”

What pet parents should know, according to Dr. Miller:

  • Prioritize hydration: Pets should always have access to fresh, clean and safe water. Petco pet care centers are offering cool drinking water for pets in disposable water bowls, which helps limit the risk of disease transmission. Pets can also access shade in Petco locations, as just a few minutes of direct sunlight in extreme temperatures can risk heat exhaustion.
  • Recognize the watchouts: Signs of overheating and dehydration in pets include panting, drooling, deep or rapid breathing, weakness, disorientation and vomiting. If pets begin exhibiting any of these symptoms, move them to a cool, shaded area immediately, give them fresh water and contact a trusted veterinarian if symptoms worsen. Just as children should not be left in a car unattended, pet parents should not leave pets in a car in the heat, as temperatures can skyrocket in a matter of minutes.
  • Adjust walking routine: Prioritize cooler times of the day for walks and remember that sidewalks can get hot for pets’ paw pads. Seek cooler surfaces like dirt or grass to help keep pets comfortable. If you can’t comfortably place your hand on the ground for at least seven seconds, then it’s too hot for dogs’ paws.
  • Stock up on summer essentials: Products such as boots for paw protection, paw balm, travel bowls, cooling cots and toys that can be frozen can help keep pets safe and happy all summer long.
  • Cool off with a comb-out: Keep up with regular grooming to help pups stay cool in warm weather. This is especially important for dogs with long or thick coats.

For more information on health and wellness products that help keep pets safe and cool, visit Petco. To find the closest Petco pet care center and regular hours, visit Petco.

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