PSC Hosts Webinar on Managing Waste May 26 May 6, 2022

PSC Hosts Webinar on Managing Waste May 26

On May 26, the Pet Sustainability Coalition is hosting a free webinar, “What to do with all this waste?” This webinar is made possible through the sponsorship of PSC Member and Accredited Company, MFiber.

Waste prevention is a business strategy from which any company, regardless of size or type, can benefit. In addition to cost savings, it can also help improve worker safety, reduce liability and enhance a company’s image in the community. Furthermore, if the waste a company is eliminating or reducing is regulated under state or federal law – and its reductions are significant enough – it might be able to avoid costly permits and government approvals.

The webinar starts at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on May 26. Click here to register.

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