April 6, 2022

PSC Rallies Industry for Earth Day

Starting on April 22, Earth Day 2022, the pet industry will unite on a 30-day sprint to inspire 10,000 actions that lead to a better future for pets, people and planet. Using a gamified platform that is fun, simple and engaging, the Pet Sustainability Coalition community will gather thousands of pet industry professionals to take earth-friendly action.

With easy to complete mini-challenges that require between 2 and 20 minutes, you can select from hundreds of curated actions that aggregate together and spread a united message of care and corporate responsibility.

Everyone in the pet industry is encouraged to join in and become an “Earth Day Activator”. By joining a team or working on their own, activators will select from a hand-selected list of easy to moderate earth friendly actions that they can complete between April 22 and May 22. As they complete each activity, points are awarded, moving their team up in the leader boards and moving our industry closer to its 10,000 actions goal. Earth Day Activators can share, comment and post among their team and others to give high-fives and encouragement throughout the 30-day campaign.

Learn more here.

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