May 26, 2020

PureBites Donates $500,000 in Dog and Cat Treats to Toronto Humane Society and ASPCA

PureBites, a leading company of natural dog and cat treats and food, has donated more than $500,000 worth of treats, food and toppers to the ASPCA and the Toronto Humane Society to support pets and pet parents in need amid COVID-19. The donation will provide more than 800,000 treats and 13,000 meals to keep tails wagging. While many have more time to welcome a new pet into their lives, with lost jobs and hardships experienced due to the coronavirus, individuals and animal rescue organizations are faced with financial restraints, limited resources, and are in need of additional support to continue to keep our beloved animals healthy and safe.

“We are currently living through an unprecedented time in our lives,” said Marc Cathcart, President of Pure Treats the makers of PureBites. “People are going through financial hardship and social distancing, but one bond that holds true during good and bad times is the one between a pet and their family. At PureBites, we have always believed this, which is why we have donated over $500,000 worth of PureBites products to the ASPCA and the Toronto Humane Society.”

Animal welfare organizations across the country are reporting a surge in demand for rescue dogs and cats as Canadians look for furry companions to keep them company during self-isolation. PureBites is supporting the ASPCA and Toronto Humane Society who have continued to find placements via digital applications and provide aid in keeping their tummies full during this challenging time.

“The impact this donation has is massive. Our animals, and all the animals, thank PureBites,” said Hannah Sotropa, Toronto Humane Society Public Relations Specialist. “We are a non-profit organization that relies solely on donations and public support. Because we have no government contract, when we are lucky enough to receive donations like this, we are so abundantly grateful. All of our animals receive enrichment 365 days a year, which includes positive reinforcement training with our robust training department; this involves a lot of praise and a lot of treats!”

With a wide assortment of one-ingredient treats and its NEW RAW Freeze Dried Food or Topper, PureBites is the ideal choice for health conscious pet parents. “We are hearing so many great stories about people adopting pets during these difficult times,” said Cathcart. “Giving away PureBites treats or food to new pet parents will only help foster the human animal bond. We are hoping that this donation will bring some joy to people and their pets because we all need a little cheer right now.”


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