QFC-DogSpot partnership offers convenience for dog-owning customers in Seattle May 8, 2019

QFC-DogSpot partnership offers convenience for dog-owning customers in Seattle

On April 30, 2019 Kroger-owned Quality Food Center (QFC) and pet-tech startup DogSpot, announced the upcoming launch of one-of-a-kind dog houses at eight QFC locations throughout Greater Seattle. DogSpot’s app-connected dog houses are lockable, self-sanitizing, camera-monitored and temperature-controlled, providing dogs a safe and comfortable place to wait while their owners shop.

Pets are not allowed into QFC stores due to health code regulations. A camera feed, or ‘Puppy Cam,’ allows customers to keep an eye on their dog while shopping inside the store. The structure provides shelter from the rain and the temperature control allows for heated floors in the colder months and air conditioning in the summer.

DogSpot Co-founder and CEO Chelsea Brownridge said, “People who have dogs get it—you don’t get a dog to leave them cooped up inside all day. The best part of their day is going out on walks around town, heading to the dog park and spending time with you. We’re making it possible to say, ‘Wanna go for a walk?!’ more often and more safely than before.”

QFC will be the first grocer in the Pacific Northwest to bring DogSpot houses to its stores.  The partnership between the two companies was formed with the understanding that there are more dogs than children in Seattle and that 97 percent of dog owners consider their dogs family members.

The DogSpot houses are expected to launch in late May, and the service will be offered free of charge to QFC customers at the select stores.

“QFC is leading the way in new innovations that span health, fitness and fresh food, and now we’re proud to pioneer DogSpot because it enables us to champion our four-footed community as well,” said Suzy Monford, president of QFC. “Our primary goal is to offer a friendly, uplifting shopping experience for all of our customers, no matter their situation. These DogSpot houses at our stores will offer a safe and comfortable shelter for our customers’ dogs and eliminate a barrier to shopping that pet owners often run up against,” Monford said.

DogSpots will be available at QFC stores in Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Ballard, Wallingford, University Village, Kirkland, and Redmond in late May 2019.


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