April 5, 2023

Rebecca Atwood DVM Joins Petland as Director of Veterinary Operations

Petland, Inc. has welcomed Dr. Rebecca Atwood, DVM as Director of Veterinary Operations. In this role, Atwood will be responsible for maintaining the utmost professional standards for pet health. She will also develop, deliver and sustain a comprehensive animal husbandry and veterinary health care prevention and welfare program for Petland’s company store locations.

“At the more of Petland’s mission, ‘To match the right pet with the right customer, meeting the needs of both,’ is the confidence that pets will be well cared for throughout their lifetime,” said Petland President and CEO Joe Watson. “With the addition of Dr. Atwood, I’m confident Petland will continue its work in striving for continuous improvement in all areas of pet health, while maintaining the highest quality of care for our pets and meeting our customer’s expectations.”

Each Petland store is required to have a consulting veterinarian to provide weekly exams and to determine in-store protocols. Atwood will be a consistent resource for consulting veterinarians in meeting Petland best practices and protocols. Along with leading the care of pets within Petland operations, Atwood will provide veterinary oversight of every step of a pet’s journey, making science-based recommendations to optimize each pets’ health.

As a teenager, Atwood worked at a Petland location in Cleveland, OH. It is there she decided to become a veterinarian. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Atwood has strong surgical and diagnostic skills and more than 10 years of experience working with small and large animals as a veterinarian. With a career focus of aiding to reduce pet overpopulation and providing affordable preventive care, she most recently practiced on a mobile veterinary clinic, providing low-cost spay, neuter and preventive care for pets in communities needing these services, with assistance from humane societies, shelters and rescue groups.

Petland, Inc., founded in 1967, is a franchise operation with full-service specialty retail pet centers across the United States, Canada, China, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, El Salvador and Saudi Arabia. For more information on Petland, visit Petland.


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