Redbarn Pet Products Debuts Meat Cuts March 24, 2020

Redbarn Pet Products Debuts Meat Cuts

Redbarn Pet Products, a leading manufacturer of premium pet food, treats and chews, released an all-natural, high-protein treat for dogs called Meat Cuts this month. Made in the US Redbarn Meat Cuts feature real, high-quality beef or chicken as the first ingredient. The single-protein treats are naturally preserved and grain-free, without the use of any added fillers or artificial ingredients.

Available in beef or chicken, these new dog treats are made from 99.7 percent high-quality beef or chicken and completely free of artificial flavors, preservatives or colorings. Redbarn’s slow-roasting process helps maintain the high nutritional value of the meat, making them excellent training treats, on-the-go snacks or kibble toppers. Redbarn’s Meat Cuts are a crunchy treat comparable to similarly textured freeze-dried products, typically found at a higher price point.

“At Redbarn, our goal is to provide healthy, wholesome pet food and treats that reflect what pet owner’s really care about,” said Co-founder Jeff Baikie. “Today’s pet parents desire simple recipes and high-protein options, and our team is proud to deliver that through our Beef Cuts and Chicken Cuts.”

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