Redbarn Pet Products Release New, Affordable Chew-A-Bulls Dental Treats February 14, 2020

Redbarn Pet Products Release New, Affordable Chew-A-Bulls Dental Treats

Redbarn Pet Products, maker of premium pet food, treats and chews, is unveiling a new line of dental treats called Chew-A-Bulls. Made in the US, Chew-A-Bulls are an all-natural, highly digestible chew designed to support a dog’s dental health with four fun shapes.

Redbarn’s unique formula is completely free from added starches, gluten and sugar while featuring all-natural ingredients like antioxidant-rich parsley, fiber-rich powdered cellulose and cumin to support healthy digestion. The Chew-A-Bulls Hydrant, Chip and Brush are available in four sizes – mini to large, while the Chew-A-Bulls Horned Toad is available in medium and large.

Thanks to Redbarn’s acquisition of Polyshot, a fully integrated manufacturing company specializing in Hot Runner Systems and injection molding, Chew-A-Bulls are available at an affordable price for pet parents while opening the door for limitless shapes and line expansions in the future.

“We’re honored the Polyshot team joined our family and is continuing our mission of helping pet parents make nutritious decisions for their pets,” said Redbarn Co-founder Jeff Baikie. “With the help of their world-class technology, Redbarn is once again expanding our portfolio with truly innovative treats that prioritize the health and wellness of our dogs.”

When treated as a daily supplement and combined with regular tooth brushing, Redbarn Chew-A-Bulls help support a dog’s optimal dental health. The natural act of chewing gently massages the dog’s gums while the ridges and grooves in the patent-pending designs scrape away plaque and tartar build-up.

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