November 1, 2023

Ren’s Pets Announces 3 New Locations Coming Spring 2024

Ren’s Pets, a leading Canadian specialty retailer of pet food and supplies, has announced they will be growing their store base next spring by opening three new locations. These additional stores will bring the store count from the current 57 stores to 60 stores. Ren’s opened 12 new stores in 2023 in Ontario and Eastern Canada, including two urban stores in Toronto.

“Ren’s has been on a fast-paced growth plan for the past five years, and we plan to open three new stores in the spring of next year,” said Scott Arsenault, CEO of Ren’s Pets. “Every time we survey our customers, they tell us they want more Ren’s stores. We’re so appreciative of the customer support for our brand and the desire from our customers to want to shop with us. More than anything, they love supporting a Canadian company that offers only the top premium brands for your Pet’s Best Life.”

“At this time, we’re working on finding the perfect locations in strong pet communities to complement our existing Ren’s store set,” continued Arsenault. “We’ve built a great customer base in the Greater Toronto area and have expanded into urban locations right in the heart of Toronto. We’re growing around the rest of the province of Ontario. Ren’s now also has a strong network in Eastern Canada, with eight stores across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. We’ll continue to add stores but also put a large focus on our existing store base going into next year.”

The three new locations opening in the spring of 2024 include:

  • Collingwood, Ontario located at 2 Mountain Road, 9000 sq ft
  • Napanee, Ontario located at 89 Jim Kimmett Blvd, 6400 sq ft
  • Tillsonburg, Ontario located at 200 Broadway Street, 4700 sq ft

“It’s an extremely exciting time to work at Ren’s,” said Larissa Wasyliw, VP of e-Commerce and Marketing at Ren’s Pets. “We’re growing our store network significantly, while continuing our strong investment in our ecommerce capabilities, to become the premier omnichannel player in pet in Canada for your Pet’s Best Life.”

“What we’re seeing is our customers continue to want high-quality premium pet food, treats and toys for their pets,” said Wasyliw. “We’re building our stores to be warm, welcoming places to bring your dog or cat and pick up only the best pet food and supplies while chatting with our knowledgeable staff, getting weighed on our in-store scales and using your Ren’s Rewards loyalty benefits. These three new locations for spring 2024 will allow more pet parents to enjoy a Ren’s in their own neighborhood and have access to the top brands to give their pets happy, healthy lives.”


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