March 27, 2023

Ren’s Pets Donates More than 3,000 Bags of Vetdiet Dog Food to Animal Rescues & Humane Societies

Ren’s Pets, a leading Canadian specialty retailer of pet food and supplies, has donated 37 pallets of Vetdiet dog food to local animal rescues and humane societies. This generous donation was made possible by family business Groupe Legault, the manufacturers of Vetdiet super premium brand pet food which is made in Canada and sold at Ren’s Pets.

“When Groupe Legault approached us with this amazing donation opportunity, to distribute to rescue groups and humane societies who needed it, we were thrilled,” said Scott Arsenault, CEO at Ren’s Pets. “There are so many animal organizations out there in need right now, and Ren’s strives to improve the lives of all pets. It’s important to us that every pet lives a happy, healthy life and we believe that is through a good diet.”

The 3,334 bags of Vetdiet dog food were distributed to the Animal Food Bank, plus other local animal organizations in Ontario including the Toronto Humane Society, Mississauga HSPCA, Hamilton/Burlington SPCA, Canadian Dachshund Rescue Ontario, Six Nations of the Grand River and GROUND Search & Rescue of Kitchener Waterloo.

“The stories we are hearing from the animal rescues and humane societies are incredible,” adds Larissa Wasyliw, VP of e-Commerce and Marketing at Ren’s. “The Animal Food bank had just run out of dog food as demand is up exponentially for them, and so the 19 skid donation to that group was extremely timely and welcome. They are a group that works to eliminate food insecurity for pets, considering the pets as their clients, and they try to help as many pets as possible. They will use the Vetdiet donation for the Animal Food Bank, plus through their Pet Food Recovery Network for other organizations that need support as well.”

“The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA is pleased to receive such a generous donation from Ren’s Pets. This donation will help feed pets in our care and pets in foster care, as well as help stock our Pet Pantry Program. Our Pet Pantry Program exists to support pet owners who need support with pet food and pet supplies. We believe that no one should face the difficult decision of having to surrender their pet because they cannot afford the cost of food. We are grateful for partners like Ren’s for their ongoing support,” said Karen Reicheld, Director of Animal Care at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA.

“The Mississauga Humane Society greatly appreciates the kindness and generosity of Ren’s Pets,” said Lori Russell, Animal Director and Board Member at the Mississauga Humane Society. “The very generous donation of Vetdiet dog food allows the Mississauga Humane Society to help animals in care as well as assist other rescues and food banks. Many owners are struggling with the high cost of pet food during these difficult times and have expressed gratitude when they receive the donation of high-quality food for their pet. With this generous donation from Ren’s, many dogs will have full bellies for a long time to come.”

“At the end of the day, we want every pet to live their best life,” said Wasyliw. “Being able to support animal groups and communities with donations like this really warms our hearts, and we are grateful we can offer food for pets in their care.”

Ren’s operates 47 stores in Ontario and the Maritimes, with 10 additional new stores currently scheduled to open in 2023. The Ren’s website ships nationally across Canada.



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