September 11, 2023

Ren’s Pets Partners with the Canadian Pet Expo to Support Responsible Pet Companionship

Leading Canadian omni-channel specialty pet retailer Ren’s Pets has partnered with the Canadian Pet Expo (CPE) to reward visitors attending CPE events. Through this new partnership, show attendees will receive a coupon for $20 to shop at their local Ren’s Pets store or online when they enter the show. This strengthens the long-standing relationship between Ren’s Pets and the Canadian Pet Expo and offers high value to attendees at the show.

“We’re so proud to work with an outstanding organization like the Canadian Pet Expo to help promote responsible pet companionship,” said Scott Arsenault, CEO at Ren’s Pets. “This partnership aligns with our mission for Ren’s to be there for your Pet’s Best Life. We want to reward passionate pet parents attending these events with a $20 to coupon to visit their Ren’s store and treat their pets.”

“Ren’s has always been community-oriented and appreciative for loving, responsible pet owners,” shares Arsenault. “We want every animal to live their best life. This is our way of saying thank you for caring for your pets, keeping them happy, healthy and well-fed. We know show attendees will be delighted with this coupon and will be able to enjoy some of the high-quality premium pet food, treats and toys that we carry at Ren’s with it.”

“Responsible pet companionship is a lifetime commitment to all family pet companions,” said Grant Crossman, CEO at the Canadian Pet Expo. “This is a great partnership between Ren’s and the Canadian Pet Expo, as we both believe and stand behind this initiative. Bringing the brands and vendors together that will also support this effort is a vital element to setting pet families up for a successful and healthy life of their pets.”

“Offering the right means to enrich the lives of the family pets with opportunities such as grooming demonstrations, safe exercise and agility routines, trying a sport such as flyball or dock diving or learning about their breeds taking in a cat show will only increase the life span and overall well-being of family pets,” continues Crossman. “These enrichment experiences are as vital as the toys, the sporting-specific items and pet-specific diets that Ren’s offers in their stores. The Canadian Pet Expo is excited to welcome all family pets to engage in these activities at the pet-friendly CPE events.”

The Fall Canadian Pet Expo runs Sept. 16-17 at the International Centre in Mississauga. It’s an exciting weekend with interactive activations, a TICA Cat Show, creative grooming, demos, celebrity pets and a pet-focused marketplace to shop. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Canadian Pet Expo.

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