RobotShop to be Exclusive Distributor of PurrSong Auto Litter Box April 21, 2020

RobotShop to be Exclusive Distributor of PurrSong Auto Litter Box, the world’s leading robot store for all your robotic needs, announced today that it has partnered with PurrSong, maker of the automatic litter box the LavvieBot S to be its exclusive distributor for North-America and Europe.

RobotShop will now offer the LavvieBot S to its customers across its multiple RobotShop stores in several languages, countries and currencies as well as through its resellers in North-America and Europe. RobotShop will continue to maintain its high level of standards for delivering quality of service to all its customers by dedicating its network of logistic centers and service centers to support all service requests during and even after the manufacturer’s warranty period.

As of now this automatic litter box is available for pre-order on several of the RobotShop websites until the first stock arrives in RobotShop warehouses this summer.

“It is my pleasure to announce that the Lavviebot will be available through RobotShop knowing its strong global presence and reputation in the robotics industry,” said Taegu Noh, Founder and CEO of PurrSong. “The passion and confidence we have at PurrSong for the LavvieBot S was validated with RobotShop seeing promise in our product given their extensive experience with selling automated pet solutions throughout the world. This partnership is a perfect fit as it offers strong support for our mission to provide the absolute best in pet care solutions.”

The LavvieBot S does more than simply separate the clumps from the good litter after your cat has left the litter box. It refills itself automatically removing the chore of refilling it for up to three weeks. It also helps maintain indoor air quality as it keeps odors away with a natural gel deodorizer. It can differentiate between multiple cats and also tracks your cat’s urinary health through the PurrSong app for you to make sure your cats stay healthy.

“We are very excited to partner with PurrSong to supply our customers in North-America and Europe with this new and innovative product,” said Julie Gendron, VP Market Development at RobotShop. “We are positive that this product will benefit cat lovers and facilitate care for the animals we love.”

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