July 14, 2020

Royal Canin Introduces Gastrointestinal Diets Specifically Formulated to Supported Digestive Health of Kittens and Puppies

Royal Canin USA, a global leader in pet health nutrition, unveiled three new veterinary-exclusive products and renovated Veterinary Health Nutrition portfolio packaging.

“At the beginning of June, we are launching GI Kitten wet and dry, as well as GI Puppy wet to accompany the existing dry product. These diets are targeted toward young cat and dog patients and feature texture options including rehydratable kibble and an ultra-soft mousse texture to help facilitate food intake. In addition to this exciting innovation, we have created a more user-friendly packaging design to help consumers understand the benefits of the product their veterinarian recommends,” said Dr. Catherine Lenox, board certified veterinary nutritionist and Royal Canin Regulatory Veterinary Manager.

ROYAL CANIN GASTROINTESTINAL Kitten and Puppy are the first and only diet formulated exclusively for the immature gastrointestinal system of growing cats and dogs. Benefits of the diets include:

OPTIMAL GROWTH: High-energy formulas with adapted levels of nutrients (like protein and calcium) to meet the needs of growing pets.

EASY REHYDRATION: Kibble can be easily rehydrated to facilitate food intake for puppies and kittens.

ADAPTED WET TEXTURE: A rich mousse texture helps young pets transition from milk to solid food.

In addition to the new diets, Royal Canin is moving to a simpler portfolio classification for easy product navigation by the veterinarian. The revised classification is organized around six core health needs to assist in the nutritional management of patients: Urinary, Gastrointestinal, Weight Management, Dermatology, Vital Support and Health Management.

The innovative packaging is designed to facilitate the veterinarian’s recommendation by reinforcing the nutritional message and communicating the product benefits to the pet owner along with easy-to-read feeding guidelines.

The package designs coupled with Royal Canin’s newest nutritional solutions and optimized diets are part of an ongoing commitment to help enhance the care of cats and dogs through nutrition.

Additional renovations will be introduced throughout the next year.

More information for the Veterinary Health Nutrition renovations is available at my.royalcanin.com/vet/renovations.



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