Royal Canin Introduces New Urinary Care Feline Diet July 7, 2020

Royal Canin Introduces New Urinary Care Feline Diet

Royal Canin today announced the launch of Royal Canin Urinary Care, a new feline care nutrition diet formulated to proactively maintain urinary health by promoting a healthy mineral content in the urine in healthy adult cats.

“Royal Canin Urinary Care represents new innovation for healthy cats and pet owners who want to proactively support lower urinary tract health in their cats,” said Dr. Catherine Lenox, board-certified veterinary nutritionist and Royal Canin Regulatory Veterinary Manager. “Urinary Care is a great choice for healthy adult cats with an indoor or sedentary lifestyle whose owners are looking for more nutritional benefits for urinary health than a typical feline maintenance diet.”

An internal study found Royal Canin Urinary Care efficiently supports urinary health in only 10 days, by promoting a healthy mineral content in the urine. Therefore, a precisely balanced nutritional diet regulating the mineral balance can be effective in maintaining urinary health. The diet’s formula also uses technology that incorporates pH and 10 different urinary ions.

If a cat owner answers ‘yes’ to the following guidelines and suggested characteristics, Royal Canin Urinary Care could be a good diet option to consider for their cat:

  • Is your cat at least one year old?
  • Is your cat healthy?
  • Does your cat readily eat dry kibble?
  • Does your cat live indoors?
  • Does your cat live a sedentary lifestyle?
  • Does your cat have low water intake?

Royal Canin Urinary Care is available now and can be found at pet specialty stores nationwide. It is formulated for healthy, adult cats and is not intended for cats under veterinary care. Royal Canin recommends that pet owners always consult their veterinarian to determine the right formula for their pets.

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