November 18, 2021

RubiPets Ride Share Service to Offer Point-to-Point Unaccompanied Pet Transportation

RubiRides, a membership-based rideshare dedicated to the safe and secure transportation of children and seniors is expanding its service offering with the introduction of RubiPets, a pet transport option. The service will launch in Maryland and Washington D.C. in December with additional markets to be announced in the coming months.

The number of pet adoptions rose astronomically during Covid as people spent an increased amount of time at home. However, as life has resumed with in-person work, school and a variety of other events, many have found themselves looking for solutions to accommodate their pet’s needs whether it be daycare, vet appointments or other responsibilities of pet ownership. RubiPets allows owners to schedule a ride for their pet to be picked up and dropped off at the location of the owner’s choice.

“While major rideshare transportation companies may be pet-friendly and allow up to one pet per ride along with their human owners, RubiRides is expanding the industry with the addition of RubiPets, which provides solo pet transportation service,” said Noreen Butler, CEO of RubiRides. “We felt that our values of safety, reliability and professionalism that drives our success with our current transportation service model for children and seniors, should be available for other vulnerable family members such as pets.”

RubiPets will launch offering transportation for both cats and dogs beginning Dec. 15. Pricing is comparable to the original service starting at $25 per one-way trip (within a 5-mile radius) and $2 for every additional minute afterward. Rides can be tracked in real time and owners can opt to have the driver stay and wait throughout the service or appointment or schedule a separate drive for pickup.

Just as with RubiRides, RubiPets drivers are rigorously vetted, licensed, trained and required to comply with local Covid-19 regulations. However, drivers for each service will solely be dedicated to one or the other with RubiPets only providing pet transportation.

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