November 1, 2023

Simply Naked Pet Foods Partners with Astro Loyalty for New Frequent Buyer Marketing Promotion for Pet Retailers

Harnessing the Power of Vitamin Sea, fish-first Simply Naked™ Pet Foods from North Coast Seafoods has launched a new partnership with Astro Loyalty. Through this program, independent pet retailers can explore a Simply Naked Pet food loyalty marketing program to help retain their customers and further differentiate Simply Naked Pet Foods from those carried in big-box retailers with unique promotions, discounts and special incentive offers.

Astro Loyalty programs have quickly become a trusted partner for delivering successful promotions and marketing assets for many independent pet retailers across the country.

Who is Eligible? 

Any retail store that utilizes Astro’s Loyalty program and carries Simply Naked Pet Food is able to offer this program to their customers.

What is the Offer? 

Simply Naked Pet Food’s OFFICIAL Frequent Buyer Program:

  • Buy 5, Get 1 FREE (Dog & Cat Kibble. Buy 5 Bags of Kibble and Get 1 Free.)
  • Items are grouped according to Species (Dog/Cat) and Weight (4lb/11lb/24lb).
  • The Free Bag will belong to the same group as the 5 qualifying purchases and it will be the most frequently purchased item to complete the card.
  • Customers have 12 months to complete their cards.
  • This Buy 5, Get 1 FREE is available through 10/31/2024

Why Choose Simply Naked?

  • CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE: Prepared exclusively with fish from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified Sustainable fisheries, the gold standard for wild seafood sustainability.
  • OMEGA 3 & 6 FATTY ACIDS: Fish -based diets are innately rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids – which promote healthy skin and coats while supporting the immune system, heart health, brain development and digestion.
  • RESPONSIBLY WILD CAUGHT: Seafood is the only truly wild protein we have left. Simply Naked uses only wild-caught fish from dependable, upstanding fishermen – the top of the catch.
  • COMPLETE NUTRITION: Fish is a stellar source of lean protein. Pair this with wholesome ingredients packed with essential vitamins and minerals, micronutrients, antioxidants and prebiotics for a complete meal in every bowl.
  • ALLERGY-FRIENDLY OPTION: Fish-based diets are an excellent option for cats and dogs food allergies, intolerances, and/or ingredient sensitivities. Many pets have allergies to common proteins like beef and chicken since they’re frequently found in common pet foods. Fish, on the other hand, is far less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Simply Naked™ Pet Food’s 5 fish-first recipes for Cats and Dogs include:

“We are excited to partner with Astro Loyalty and unveil a unique loyalty program that offers Simply Naked’s end consumer (pet-parents) an incredible value,” said Jon Wooner, Pet Products Director at North Coast Seafoods. “As we further expand distribution of Simply Naked to independent retailers throughout the country, we greatly value this opportunity to bring fish-first Simply Naked dog and cat foods to pet-passionate customers, as well as support our growing network of retailers.”

Kendall Walker, Account Manager at Astro Loyalty, adds, “Astro Loyalty provides a comprehensive approach to customer loyalty by providing access to exclusive manufacturer frequent buyer programs and offers for independent pet retailers’ customers. Simply Naked Pet Food joining as a partner with Astro further strengthens our commitment to fostering relationships with quality food brands that nurture relationships with their retailers and pet parents. Welcome to the Astro-verse, Simply Naked Pet Food!”

To learn more about Simply Naked’s products and commitment to global sustainability, pet health, quality and nutrition, click here. For more information on Astro Loyalty, visit Astro Loyalty.



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