October 25, 2023

Small Pet Select Launches All-Natural Rose Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select’s Rose Paper Bedding accomplishes the goals for rabbit bedding – to control moisture and odor – the same way they do the rest of their products: naturally

This premium white paper bedding infused with real rose buds is designed for rabbits and guinea pigs:

  • made with unbleached paper
  • naturally scented
  • no additives, dyes or irritants
  • 99 percent dust-free
  • creates a comfortable nesting area for small pets
  • absorbs urine with lasting odor control

Small Pet Select is always looking for ways to elevate pets’ lifestyles while staying true to nature and taking care of their health. While the basic line of rabbit and guinea pig bedding does an excellent job of controlling odor and moisture, some consumers are looking for small pet bedding with a little more to it.

Rose Paper Bedding as well as their (previously launched) Lavender Paper Bedding brings fresh scents to the table.

“When creating products for small pets, natural sources are key,” said Billy Gordon with Small Pet Select. “We’re always looking for new creative ways to bring nature into our small pet’s lives.”

Rose Paper Bedding can be found along with other varieties of bedding at Small Pet Select.





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