May 27, 2020

Social Media App EdgyPet Helps Pet Owners Connect

East Coast-based startup EdgyPet today announced the launch of its new social network app for pet owners. The concept of EdgyPet is to connect owners with pets like theirs based on such attributes as type, breed, personality, quirks, health conditions, diet and many more.

“It’s pretty simple,” says Vail Weymann, Co-Founder and CEO of EdgyPet. “We believe it’s way more fun to engage with content that’s relevant and personalized to you and your pet. It’s why we created EdgyPet.”

Noticeably absent from the platform are the closed group forums found on so many other social networks. Instead, EdgyPet’s communities are open and free flowing. Pets move in and out of each other’s communities constantly based on their profile tags and the tags of others. This feature ensures members never miss an opportunity to engage with content that is relatable and potentially valuable for their pets.

Additionally, everything on EdgyPet is created by and for users so they know it’s authentic and based on other pet parents’ real-life experiences. “We believe pets are so much more than just a dog or a cat or a bird or a….,” said Ken Herbert, EdgyPet’s Co-Founder and CTO. “Pets are important members of families. When pet parents can engage authentically and make connections that recognize the highly personal relationships between owners and pets, everybody wins.”

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