Solid Gold Introduces Complete Line of nutrientboost June 15, 2023

Solid Gold Introduces Complete Line of nutrientboost

Solid Gold, a pioneer in premium and holistic nutrition for dogs and cats, has unveiled its complete nutrientboost line for dogs, giving a ‘boost’ to several Solid Gold recipes. The nutrientboost line represents a significant breakthrough in pet food innovation, aimed at delivering optimal nutrition for dogs.

Solid Gold’s premium line is powered by nutrientboost, a unique, proprietary blend of superfoods, antioxidants and clean plasma for nourishment to help pets thrive. The boosted recipes are proven to help support nutrient absorption, gut health and overall immunity in pets. Solid Gold initially introduced nutrientboost into its classic Meal Topper and Hund-N-Flocken recipes. Due to the unique benefits it delivers, the brand has now incorporated nutrientboost™ into the core kibble recipes and wet food, ensuring enhanced nutrition across its complete line of products. Paired with a packaging refresh, building on the brands iconic illustrations, the nutrientboost blend provides pets with a boost of proteins, amino acids and antibodies from sustainably sourced, up-cycled ingredients to increase appeal and support the absorption of nutrients.

“Solid Gold’s unique nutrientboost brings innovation to the pet category, focusing on the fact that pets tend to have unbalanced guts due to their diets. The proprietary nutrientboost blend has shown to reduce stool output by about 9 percent (when compared to the same formula without nutrientboost). Benefits like this are precisely what inspired us to develop the nutrientboost line, formulated as a separate kibble that is then added to our classic recipes,” said Leasa Moltke, Manager of Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs of Solid Gold. “What sets the nutrientboost line apart from other pet products is the enriched formulation that harnesses the power of natural ingredients. Each product is carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality, with a focus on key nutrients and superfoods that provide dogs with an even greater level of nutrition.”

The nutrientboost line includes:

  • Solid Gold nutrientboost Kibble Line provides pets with a boost of proteins, amino acids, and antibodies from sustainably sourced plasma to help dogs digest, absorb, and savor their food and nutrients. The clean plasma comes from exclusively USDA-approved facilities and is paired with a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support your dog’s immune system to promote healthy digestion and coat.
  • Solid Gold nutrientboost Shaker meal topper is a 4oz functional powder topper that can be sprinkled onto any dry or wet food to add craveability and provide functional benefits. This convenient shaker is filled with a highly palatable nutrientboost™ powder that mixes easily with any dog food to give the boost in taste and nutrition to help dogs thrive.
  • Solid Gold nutrientboost Hund-N-Flocken Wet Dog Food features a proprietary blend of ingredients packed with protein and nutrients that help canines thrive. It features crave-worthy taste and ingredients like amino acids, probiotics and proteins and is powered by nutrientboost to support digestion, immune system function and nutrient absorption.

Solid Gold nutrientboost is available on shelves at PetSmart locations nationwide. For more information about Solid Gold, visit Solid Gold Pet.

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