March 1, 2023

Solid Gold Launches Five New Products For Dogs

Solid Gold, a pioneer in premium and holistic nutrition for dogs and cats, has launched five new supplements for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds. The supplements included in the launch are Solid Gold’s Leaps & Hounds Hip & Joint, Grass Guardian Grass Burn, Mellow Belly Gut Health and Pet Pal-lergy Pro Allergy Support, all now available nationwide on Amazon, with PetVites Multivitamin coming soon.

Powered by BioBoost, a proprietary blend including plasma, these supplements address different areas of a dog’s health specifically targeting gut and digestive heath, allergies, joints, antioxidant production and systemic support, representing an extension to the Berry Balance Antioxidant and the Keep Calm and Wag On Calming supplements.

“As Solid Gold expands its product offerings, the team is excited to introduce the Solid Gold Dog Supplement line with five new products that will help pet parents support the health and well-being of their furry family members,” said Yvethe Tyszka, Vice President of Marketing of Solid Gold. “The demand for pet supplements is growing worldwide as pet parents learn more about optimal health benefits.”

The new supplements available from Solid Gold include:

  • Solid Gold Leaps & Hounds powered by proprietary BioBoost and formulated for dogs of all ages and abilities, the Leaps & Hounds supplement chews are made with high-quality, functional ingredients that hold holistic benefits including glucosamine, turmeric and MSM. Ideal for senior dogs, overweight pups and pups that need a joint-nourishing boost, this supplement provides maximum joint support by easing joint stiffness, from normal daily activity and enhancing bone health.
  • Solid Gold Grass Guardian Grass Burn helps diminish dog urine from yellowing the lawn by supporting normal urine pH levels to promote optimal bladder and urinary tract health. Powered by proprietary BioBoost the Grass Guardian supplement is made with Cranberry and D-mannose and features a unique enzyme blend to support the digestive system that may help to reduce grass burn.
  • Solid Gold PetVites Multivitamin chews provide nutritional support for a healthy immune system and boost your dog’s overall daily health. Packed with essential vitamins, this all-in-one multifunctional formula is powered by proprietary BioBoost and includes probiotics and superfoods for a healthy gut. The PetVites supplement is made with Omega-3 fatty acids known to help support heart and cognitive function, as well as skin and coat health.
  • Solid Gold Mellow Belly Gut Health chews feature a blend of more than 500 million CFU per chew to support gut health, digestion and immune health for dogs with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues. The combination of natural digestive enzymes and probiotics may help to aid in proper digestion and supports bowel health by helping dogs break down food during the digestive process. Powered by proprietary BioBoost, the Mellow Belly supplement assists in the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients and helps to balance a dog’s intestinal microflora.
  • Solid Gold Pet Pal-lergy Pro Allergy Support helps to maintain a dog’s normal histamine levels and helps soothe skin related issues associated with seasonal allergies. The Pet Pal-lergy Pro is powered by proprietary BioBoost and is made of functional and holistic ingredients including fish oil and colostrum, which has natural antibodies known to support a dog’s immune system and digestive health.

Solid Gold dog supplements are available on Amazon. For more information about Solid Gold, visit Solid Gold Pet.

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