August 18, 2023

Solid Gold Puts Spotlight on nutrientboost Lineup at SuperZoo

Solid Gold showcased its new nutrientboost lineup at this year’s SuperZoo show. This includes dog kibble formulas along with innovative meals, toppers and treats such as high protein meatballs, gently air-dried jerky, protein shred toppers, functional treats and the relaunch of the brand’s heritage Green Cow wet food.

“As America’s first holistic pet food brand, we are excited to share with SuperZoo attendees how our innovation approach ‘Inspired by Nature, Powered by Science’ harnesses the scientific power of H&H Research to deliver unique foods, toppers and supplements for pets,” said Yvethe Tyszka, VP of Marketing of Solid Gold. “We’re thrilled that SuperZoo attendees will have the opportunity to chat with us about our nutrientboost line of products and our new functional treats.”

The complete nutrientboost line includes:

  • Solid Gold nutrientboost Kibble Line: provides pets with a boost of proteins, amino acids and antibodies from sustainably sourced plasma to help dogs digest, absorb and savor their food and nutrients.
  • Solid Gold nutrientboost Air Dried Meal & Topper: used as a complete meal or a topper, this new format is gently air dried to preserve nutrients packed with 91 percent of protein from animal sources.
  • Solid Gold nutrientboost Meatball Topper: a complete and balanced meatball topper made with real beef and nutrientboost blend to provide digestive and immune system support.
  • Solid Gold nutrientboost Protein Shreds: a high-protein recipe of shredded chicken, carrots and nutrientboost blend support digestion and immune function for bowl-licking good support.
  • Solid Gold nutrientboost Functional Treats: launching four unique chewables that target gut health, mobility, performance and skin and coat support.
  • Solid Gold nutrientboost Green Cow: with the addition of nutrientboost added to the original recipe, this is ideal for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Green Cow Green Beef Tripe recipe in gravy is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO.

Attendees were able to create a customized Boothtube photo printout at Solid Gold’s exhibitor booth to leave their “paw print” on the Las Vegas pet community. Solid Gold also donated all products showcased at the expo to support more than 50 local Southern Nevada animal rescues. SuperZoo’s collective exhibitor donations is expected to help rescue groups save thousands of dollars in supply expenses throughout the year, enabling them to allocate funds to save more lives.

For more information on Solid Gold, visit Solid Gold Pet.

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