May 17, 2024

SoluPet Seeks to Address Cognitive Decline in Dogs

SoluPet a pioneering pet supplement company driven by science and data, is leading the charge in combating Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD). Backed by a team of experts in neuroscience, nanotechnology and the pet industry, SoluPet is ramping up to offer a revolutionary supplement proven to halt dementia in animals.

According to SoluPet’s Chief Veterinary Science Advisor Dr. Paul Dick, “CCD poses a significant threat to older pets, necessitating innovative solutions like SoluPet’s transformative supplement.”

Bill Mohri, Founder and CEO of SoluPet, said, “I started the company after seeing signs of dementia with our family dog, Lily and realizing there were so few efficacious products to treat her. I decided I had to do something myself and sourced a novel product and a stellar advisory team of neuroscientists, nanotechnologists and business leaders from the pet sector.”

Despite the prevalence of CCD, awareness among dog owners remains relatively low, with only 31 percent having heard of the condition, according to SoluPet.

“Furthermore, the research underscores that 77 percent of dog owners are interested in supplement products that are shown to be effective. This presents a substantial opportunity for SoluPet to meet the growing demand for cognition dog solutions,” according to the company.

Investors and consumers interested in learning more about the research findings or SoluPet should contact Bill Mohri at or visit its website at

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