May 22, 2020

Spectrum Brands Global Pet Care Expanding Nature’s Miracle Home Disinfectant Portfolio

Consumers’ need for products to help control the spread of germs and viruses in their homes has never been higher. In response, Spectrum Brands, maker of Nature’s Miracle pet mess clean-up products, is broadening its footprint in the home disinfectant category by expanding production of its antibacterial household surface cleaners to ensure availability in stores at this critical time.

During the past few months, the company has boosted production of its Nature’s Miracle Advanced Platinum Stain & Odor Remover & Virus Disinfectant, available at pet specialty retailers nationwide. This EPA-registered, antibacterial spray formula introduced last year kills 99.9 percent of canine and feline viruses, which are easily spread among pets through saliva, urine and feces. This line of spray disinfectants is designed to eliminate tough dog and cat messes while disinfecting soiled household surfaces.

Spectrum Brands will also introduce a new line of EPA-registered home disinfectants this month. Nature’s Miracle Brand For Life’s Messes All-Purpose Cleaner spray destroys 99.9 percent of bacteria on high-touch surfaces all around the home, including countertops, doorknobs, faucets, play structures and pet crates. Visit for information on purchasing Nature’s Miracle Brand For Life’s Messes All-Purpose Cleaner.

Nature’s Miracle pet stain and odor clean-up products have been trusted in the homes of pet parents for 40 years. The brand has evolved in recent years to offer a variety of targeted clean-up solutions throughout the home care category, branching out into everyday messes with the Nature’s Miracle Brand For Life’s Messes line and plans to continue expanding its home disinfectant lines.

“Moving into the household disinfectants category has been a natural extension of the Nature’s Miracle brand,” said Eric Kenney, VP, Marketing at Spectrum Brands’ Global Pet Care business unit. “Pet messes have always been our specialty, but applying that expertise to new categories has allowed us to serve a much wider base and provide the disinfectant products people need right now.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, routinely cleaning frequently touched household surfaces can help control the spread of germs and viruses. For maximum effectiveness using Nature’s Miracle disinfectant products, pre-clean soiled areas, spray surfaces from 4-6 inches away until thoroughly wet, wait 10 minutes and wipe clean.

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