May 6, 2021

Spot Farms Commits to Donate 1% of Sales to Savory Institute’s Land to Market Program

Following its commitment to 1 percent for the PlanetSpot Farms, the family-owned brand which provides high-quality, premium human-grade treats and foods to the pet specialty market, has partnered with Savory Institute to donate 1 percent of annual sales to help expand their mission of regenerative sourcing solutions for meat, dairy, wool and leather.

Through a global network of learning Hubs, the Savory Institute empowers farmers, ranchers and pastoralists to use properly managed livestock to regenerate land and livelihoods. The nonprofit seeks to improve land health each year to ensure viability for future generations of farmers. The Savory Institute has trained more than 12,000 farmers and ranchers in regenerative agriculture and measured the soil health, sequestered carbon, water infiltration rates and biodiversity of millions of acres of land to date.

“At Spot Farms, we set out every day to make the best treats for your dog using the finest ingredients available and that starts at the source. Farmers in the US are key to our brand and we are thrilled this partnership will support the health of our planet and farming communities,” said Ryan Perdue, founder of Spot Farms. “The Spot Farms brand has been committed to our farmers since day one, and this partnership and commitment to regenerative agriculture is our way of committing to our farming future. We are ecstatic to work with the Savory Institute to support the environment and our nation’s farming industry that helps us provide the best ingredients and nutrition for your pets both now and for years to come.”

“We are proud to welcome Spot Farms to the Savory Institute family to help expand our regenerative-focused mission,” said Chris Kerston, co-leader of Savory Institute’s Land to Market program. “The Spot Farms brand is a leader in supporting our nation’s farmers, and we look forward to working with them to help restore our farmlands and make a positive impact on the climate crisis.”

In September 2020, Spot Farms joined 1 percent for the Planetcommitting to donate 1 percent of all sales to nonprofit partners that help support farming and agriculture in the United States. 1 percent for the Planet pairs businesses and individuals with highly vetted environmental nonprofits to create high-impact partnerships that amplify the impact of its members’ giving.

Information about Savory Institute and Land to Market is available here. More information about 1 percent for the Planet is available here. To learn more about Spot Farms, click here.




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