January 23, 2024

Standlee Unveils Smart Carb Performance and Forage Plus Gastric Support

Standlee expands its forage-first product offerings with the introduction of Smart Carb Performance and Forage Plus Gastric Support. Formulated by Dr. Stephen Duren, equine nutritionist at Standlee, these blended forage-based pellets are carefully crafted to meet the unique nutritional needs of horses.

“We are committed to meeting our customers’ and their animals’ needs, through innovation,” said Scott Plew, President of Standlee Premium Products. “We aim to introduce forage products to the market that fulfill the unique needs of horses and other animals. With forage being the most important component of a horse’s diet, we strive to provide each animal with the nutrition they need to continue living long and healthy lives.”

Designed to meet consumer demands, Smart Carb & Forage Plus pellets stand out as the perfect supplement for a range of forages. These pellets not only enhance digestion and boost palatability but also optimize microbiome function. With a low sugar and starch profile and being grain-free, they represent a blended and comprehensive nutritional choice for horses.

“Smart Carb Performance and Forage Plus Gastric Support represent a leap forward in equine nutrition,” said Duren. “With a commitment to the horse’s nutrition, these forage blends offer a blend of ingredients to aid in the healing process of digestive diseases and support a healthy microbiome for horses who are prone to digestive diseases, optimizing your horse’s performance.”

Standlee will release two new forage blends starting with:

  • Smart Carb Performance
    Offering low sugar and low starch content, Smart Carb Performance is enriched with probiotics to optimize microbiome function and ensure your horses perform at their peak. Smart Carb is an Alfalfa and Teff based forage blend designed for horses that are carbohydrate sensitive and for horses that are at risk for carbohydrate sensitive nutritional disorders including Insulin Resistance, Cushing’s Disease and Tying-Up Syndrome.
  • Forage Plus Gastric Support
    Forage Plus Gastric Support is formulated to buffer stomach acid, support digestive tissue health and promote a healthy gut microbiome. Using premium alfalfa, this forage blend is molasses and grain-free. The formula is the ideal recommendation for horses dealing with periods of digestive sensitivities such as gastric ulcers and leaky gut syndrome due to heightened stress from trailering and competition.

“Partnering with Performance Horse Nutrition in the development of these new forage blends have allowed us to strategically expand our forage-first product line to our customers, by providing a premium forage blend with additional ingredients that streamline customers feedings routines and benefit the horses and other animals according to their unique nutritional needs,” said Director of Marketing Jessica Wright.

For more information about Standlee’s new products, contact customer service at customerservice@standlee.com or 800-398-0819.




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