April 14, 2020

Super Pet Announces Poop Cube Cat Litter Solution

Super Pet, an innovative pet supplies leader, today announced the launch of Poop Cube: A Minimalist Litter Box That Prevents Odor & Litter Tracking.

Poop Cube minimizes the mess and odor associated with cat litter boxes and restyles the form with a minimalist approach.

“For cat owners, especially those with indoor-only pets, it is challenging to provide a cat-friendly litter box that can fit inconspicuously into a home or apartment,” said Super Pet CEO Bingyu Wang. “Most designs try to cover up the problem with large unsightly domes or complicated automatic cleaning features that rarely work properly. Our team chose a different, simpler approach. First, we designed the litter box to fit stylishly into modern décor while also minimizing odor and tracking, then we added easy-access features that make it fast and convenient to clean. Poop Cube is compact, easier and faster to maintain and leaves your home cleaner.”

The Poop Cube was designed by a pair of architects and was inspired by minimalist design.

First, its enclosed design keeps waste away from open air so that odors remain isolated and contained to keep the home environment fresh. It has a large swivel lid that opens like a trunk, providing a wide-open space for easier cleaning using the included ergonomic scooper shovel and brush. It also solves the problem of litter tracking with a specially designed grooved mat that catches litter from the cat’s paws to keep carpets and floors clean and tidy.

This stylish approach to the cat litter box problem is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. To learn more, check out the Poop Cube campaign page.

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