July 22, 2020

Supercharge Sustainability with SuperZoo Savings

With high-ROI events like SuperZoo being canceled due to the pandemic, pet businesses are scrambling to find alternative high-impact levers for growth in 2020. A Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) campaign launched this month offers a simple, cost-effective, high-impact alternative: Supercharge Sustainability with SuperZoo Savings.

For $2,500 a company can become a Sustainability Advocate – which is the fourth-highest level of PSC membership. PSC leaders point out the membership fee of $2,500 is often less than the travel/dining cost of sending two people to SuperZoo.

“Consumers are demanding sustainability. Pet businesses have thousands in their budgets for SuperZoo travel, hotels, meals and entertainment. We’re inviting them to take a leadership role as a Sustainability Advocate with their savings,” said Caitlyn Dudas, PSC’s Executive Director. “No doubt, that’s a high-ROI alternative.”

PSC membership informs, inspires and accelerates a company’s sustainability journey. Sustainability can strengthen pet businesses through increased efficiency, decreased supply chain risk, improved consumer loyalty, higher employee satisfaction and productivity and by fueling innovation. Listen to what PSC members are saying in this quick video.

Other benefits include:

  • Tips for attracting environmentally-concerned customers
  • Networking with vendors and professionals in environmentally-friendly packaging and materials
  • Methods for turbo-boosting employee morale and commitment
  • Tools for measuring and marketing your environmental innovations
  • Gaining powerful social and web site content
  • Meeting customers inspired by your sustainability advocacy
  • Online tools, collaboration with PSC’s team of experts, VIP event status, and much more.

Dozens of articles have surfaced since the Covid-19 pandemic began that show consumer demand for sustainability increasing even further. To capture this increasing consumer demand, companies are eager to increase their investment in sustainable business practices and the PSC boasts 140+ members collectively advancing their business through environmental and social impact.

“2020 is not the year to be left out of this powerful consumer-driven movement,” says David Yaskulka, CEO of Nature’s Logic who recently invested their SuperZoo savings to upgrade their PSC membership.

The PSC encourages individuals to become a Sustainability Advocate for $2,500 and experience for themself why the PSC reports 32 percent growth already in 2020, the year of COVID-19.


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