August 23, 2023

SuperZoo New Product Showcase Award Winners for 2023 Announced

The World Pet Association (WPA), the trade organization that produces SUPERZOO, revealed this year’s New Product Showcase Award winners last week at the show during a ceremony held at the Show Floor Talks stage. A panel of three industry experts selected the winners. All entries had to be new-to-market beginning August 2022.

This year’s judges included Judy Breton CMG & CKO and Dr. Ruth MacPete.

Judges evaluated products in the following categories: Dog, Cat, Bird, Aquatic, Herptile (reptile & amphibian), Grooming, Farm and Feed (including Equine), Small Animal, Accessory and Gifts, Point of Purchase Displays (Shelf, Freestanding units), and Judges Award for New-to-Market Pet Product. A first-place winner and a runner up were awarded in these categories.

Point of Purchase

First place: MyFamily USA ID Tags

Runner up: DrTim’s ASF Marine Aquarium Center


First place: Wyld’s Wingdom PerchPal

Runner up: IBBI Pty Ibiyaya x BirdTricks Track Pack for Birds

Small Animal

First place: Happy Habitats The Roam, With Patented Paw Protection Technology

Runner up: Healthy Pet Carefresh Holiday & Tutti Frutti

Accessories & Gifts

First place: Oase Living Water biOrb AIR 30 Automated Terrarium

Runner up: Petnow AI-driven lost pet recovery app 


First place: OASE Living Water biOrb AIR 30 Automated Terrarium

Runner up: Central Garden & Pet Aqueon AquaPacs Water Care


First place: Hunan Haikun Agricultural Science & Technology HorniPuree

Runner up: Hagen Exo Terra Terrasky UVB


First place: Paw Ready Dental Hygiene Kit Medium Orange for Dog

Runner up: Loyalty Pet Product Sanispray Pro

Farm & Feed

First place: Spot Farms, Full Moon, FlockLeader Poultry Treats with a Purpose

Runner up: All Walks Hemp Fiber Chicken Nesting Mats


First place: MidWest Homes for Pets Skudo Cat Carrier

Runner up: HuggleHounds HuggleKats PlayKat


First place: Colorfil Air Filter

Runner up: West Paw The Dog’s Best Friend Game

Judges award for New-to-Market Pet Product

Wyld’s Wingdom PerchPal

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