September 11, 2023

SuperZoo Takeaways in Health and Wellness 

The health and wellness category continues to grow and include several different categories under its umbrella. At SuperZoo this year, leading producers were not only focused on showcasing their tried and true and latest products, but also educating retailers and attendees on their products and the importance of maintaining healthy habits for pets.

“SuperZoo is an important show for us for numerous reasons,” said Beth Sommers, Pure and Natural Pet President. “We have terrific meetings and negotiations that help cement relationships with new and existing vendors. We always like to introduce a couple of new items that are usually requested at Global Pet Expo, earlier in the year. We recently developed an addition to our shampoo line and were proud to introduce our Skunk Off Shampoo at this year’s SuperZoo.  Like all of our products, Skunk Off Shampoo uses ingredients such as zinc, jojoba oil, and spearmint essential oil to neutralize the biological compounds known as “thiol” that make skunk spray so dangerously pungent.  Sometimes referred to as “nature’s nerve gas, skunk spray can cause serious health risks such as nausea, vomiting and even severe anemia if your pet is left untreated, which is why it is especially critical not to compound the problem by using a product containing harsh chemical ingredients. Skunk Off Shampoo is a safe and effective solution, relieving not only the severe discomfort of skunk odors, but the associated health risks as well.”

During SuperZoo, Pet Ag hosted an in-booth “Fresh ‘n Clean Scent Lab,” where the company’s formulation chemist educated and informed retailers and booth visitors about the science and safety behind its Fresh ‘n Clean fragrance along with its longevity, said Amy Henderson, VP of Marketing for Pet Ag. 

“He also walked through how most of the fragrance built in our grooming products is done so using bottom and middle notes to decrease fragrance volatility,” she explained. “The nine additional multi-functional benefits built into our newest Bene-Bac 9 supplement that promote digestive balance in dogs 12 weeks and older.”

Pure and Natural Pet noted that oral hygiene remains on trend as pet owners continue to educate themselves on preventative care.

“In addition to a redoubled interest in flea & tick treatments and preventatives,” Sommers said. “The diseases associated with these pests have been rising steeply over the past few years as rainfall levels increase nationwide. It is becoming all the more critical to provide protection against the burgeoning dangers of tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, and Ehrlichiosis.  By foregoing a booth in favor of a conference room we were better able to attend to the individual needs of our customers while at the same time optimizing our experience on the floor.”

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